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  Over the past decade and a half, I've helped Sellers market and sell their homes in challenging markets as well as when the markets reached a fever pitch where it was hard to decide which offer to entertain. Sellers need a reliable agent to inform them about the entire process and to consistently keep them up-to-date on the sale of their home all the way to closing. I have been called upon many times to assist a seller when they had difficulty with their previous agent and I've always brought their sale to a successful close.  
Regardless of the market, buyers and sellers need a clear direction and expert knowledge from a competent agent they can trust.

 Although I assist all types of Buyers, I am especially fond of first-time buyers and folks who haven't bought a home for some time. Its a gratifying experience to enlighten and inform home buyers in this ever-changing and challenging market. I want my buyers to have the latest inside knowledge and tips for getting THE BEST DEAL in this or any market. I consistently save my clients hours of time and headaches searching for their next or first home and stay with them through the entire process until I hand them their keys!

I work with only the BEST in real estate related services so that I can offer you the finest in service from mortgage, inspections and insurance all the way to title!

 Ron Kuhn, Senior Mortgage Planner at Summit Funding has built a strong reputation by meeting the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders, and individual home-buyers throughout the Southwestern United States for over 20 years. Ron is a full-service mortgage broker with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending...from purchase to refinance to construction lending. Ron has access to a full range of mortgage sources and is dedicated to finding the right loan, with the best rates, terms, and costs to meet your unique needs. Throughout the lending process, Ron will provide regular loan updates and progress reports so you always know the status of your loan. He also offers a special Mortgage Manager service if you are considering refinancing your mortgage.

You can visit Ron online at www.mymortgagemanron.com, fill out an application here: Apply Here or simply contact him at: (480) 313-2890 email: ron.kuhn@summitfunding.net 

Looking for financing for Manufactured Homes? 

I have two of the best in the industry. They really know their game...


 Eric North, with Arizona Wholesale Mortgage, Inc. is knowledgeable and experienced with manufactured home loans, providing guidance, not salesmanship. 

As a specialist in manufactured home loans since 1995, he gets calls from frustrated borrowers, agents, and even lenders, needing help for a bungled manufactured home transactions. Over 50% of the loans Eric North closes started at another lender….who could not finish the job. Eric's knowledge of FHA, VA and Conventional guidelines and how they apply to manufactured homes prevents deal-breaking surprises. 

His systematized process reveals relevant issues before the start of the transaction...not the end.  Most lenders do not offer manufactured home loans because they are different from regular home loans.  A few do them reluctantly, neglecting to train their salesmen about how to guide their clients past the issues unique to manufactured homes.  Instead, the salesmen try to learn as they go, fumbling along, watching you spend your money on appraisals and inspections, often to find they cannot close your loan.  

So the differences become issues....ones they cannot overcome and resolve. Avoid the unwanted surprises and broken transactions.....Start With an expert.  

Eric North -  Arizona Wholesale Mortgage, Inc.  602-524-2454  NMLS# 234754  

Another smart resource for Manufactured Home loans is Robin Gregory. As a Guild Mortgage Loan Officer, Robin is committed to helping her clients understand their options for real estate financing and assisting them to make solid home loan decisions that meet their needs.

Her "Find a Loan" section of her website http://www.guildmortgage.com/officers/robingregory can be used to find information and resources on her home loan options. She looks forward to serving your home financing needs for many years as she says, "My goal is to be your lender for life". You can contact Robin by email: rgregory@guildmortgage.net or at 602-309-4449 NMLS ID# 261560 AZ BK # 0018883

Highly Regarded Home Inspection Services - 

     For your inspection service, I fully recommend Mark Craig of House Facts Home Inspections who is extremely thorough and can answer all your questions regarding the condition of your new home. He is reasonable, on time and produces an excellent report the day of the inspection so you'll be prepared to have me negotiate any repairs that may be needed before you take title to your new home. His number is 480-353-9333. He can also be reached at 928-231-2223. See a sample of an inspection report at his website: www.hfhomeinspections.com

 If you're looking for an Insurance agent with a mind for service, look no further than Luke Shafer.

Luke has been an American Family Insurance agency owner (and mine) since August 2004. His agency provides quality products and service and can help you with your Home, Custom Built Home Insurance, Buy Sell Agreement Funding, IRA's, as well as Auto, Life, Health, Business, & Umbrella Coverage and is licensed to sell in AZ, ND and MN.

But more importantly, as an Insurance agent with a genuine heart for service, he wants to earn your trust. For Luke, It's all about helping you by providing dependable protection. Like you, he values his home and wants to properly protect them it. After all, our homes are more than just shelter - they're where your family's memories will be made. Why not let American Family help protect the place where your family will grow?

Luke's Website can be found at http://insurance-agency.amfam.com/AZ/luke-shafer/

Call Luke to get a free quote to protect all that is important to you. 

You can reach Luke's office at (602) 788-5359 and make sure you mention where you found him - I have been a satisfied American Family client for almost 20 years!

On a personal note, I enjoy flying, skiing, Jetskiing and traveling in Arizona - It's such a beautiful state.