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In this collection of videos Loan Officer, Instructor and Author of his best selling book, "The Credit Road Map," Patrick Ritchie discusses many of the topics you may have questions about such as How Bankruptcies and foreclosures affect your credit rating, when you can make your next large purchase with a loan as well as saving and rebuilding your credit. You may find Patrick's book on Amazon or you can call him directly at 480-203-4641. 

Please call or text me at 623-695-3662 if you have any further questions or would like me to provide you with my excellent list of real estate resources.

Credit Ramifications in Bankruptcy

What is Your Credit Like Right Now?



How Long Until My Credit Is Back To Normal After Bankruptcy?


Is One Form of Bankruptcy Better Than Another?


Can My Credit be perfect again?


Will Landlords Not Rent To Me?




Is Bankruptcy a Horrible, Life Altering Event?




Does Bankruptcy Cause Lifelong Damage?




Is Credit Counseling an Option?




I Won't Deal With Credit Again




Can My Mortgage Be Included in Bankruptcy?




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